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Classic Film Friday

It's time to celebrate classic film and dive into the vault! This week i'm featuring some spooky favorites of my own.

 October brings out scary movies that feature ghouls, goblin's and more! The horror genre isn't my favorite but there are a few classic films I really enjoy this time of year. If you're looking for a unique scare this Halloween, try one of these all-time classics:


 Nosferatu (1922)
This silent film masterpiece by F.W. Murnau is my favorite vampire movie and beautifully filmed. Beware though, you won't find any hunky vampire romance in this version as it's been noted that Murnau's monster is the ugliest ever!

Night of the Living Dead  (1968)
Zombies are all the rage these days but you can't love zombies if haven't seen what some consider to be the quinessential zombie thriller. Shot documentary-style with shaky cam moments, this film is loved for the way the zombies enter into the story which for the time was new and really helped to scare everyone in the theater. 

Sisters  (1973)
This was De Palma's directorial debut and an homage to Hitchcock. This thriller combines all the elements of 70's film that I love (hello split-screen) with a whole new view of Margot Kidder if you've only seen her in Superman


Images curtesy TCM.