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Keep it Cute in the Cold

Ah winter, it's that time of year we know is coming so we gear up to complain about its wrath and also boost our cred for dealing with it all like a champ. This year we get extra sprinkles on top of our winter with what the weather peeps call "The Polar Vortex." Sounds like a ride at Six Flags. I wish, no this is a 30 year event for bringing in some of the coldest temps and extreme weather. 

Not cute.

Here in NYC we have to prepare for the vortex so we can be outside when we have to be. And because this is NYC, we take this event as a challenge to stay warm and stylish. My eyes might be uncontrollably watering but damn it, I look great. Here are a few outfits I styled to keep you covered for that run to the subway (or coffee) as safely (and cute) as possible.

Note: This is my personal style and I like black. If you like color then swap out the coat in a shade you love, or add a pop of color with an accessory or lipstick. If you don't do real fur like me, then make it fake. Also, I love sneaker wedges and I don't care how many "out-of-style" lists they end up on. If I like it, I wear it.

If you can, stay inside and order your movies, takeout and wine. Stay warm bbs.


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