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Grown Up Grunge

The 90's have been trending in fashion and pop culture for a little while now and still going strong as we move into the fall fashion season. If you, like me, wore Doc's the first time and bought your flannels at the thrift store you may be hesitant to jump into the look this time around.

No need to fear, incorporating a look you worked the first time it came on the scene is easier then you think. While I leave the "no rules for fashion" ideology for the 21 and under set and Madonna, I found a nice balance that works for me. I call it Grown Up Grunge. To be truthful, I never stopped rocking this look I've just modified it as I matured. 


Forget about your age and size and what anyone thinks you need to wear to make this style happen. You can have fun with a trend simply (accessories or makeup) and tread lightly as you get comfortable with what works for you.


Dip your toe into the trend with more modern, updated favorites like a chunky knit and booties...


Or you can go all-in with a head-to-toe look....


Whatever you choose, just make sure you're comfortable and feel like you. Personal style is about letting you shine through and feeling great in your look. And yes, that means you can bring out those old Saved By the Bell posters. x

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