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Tis the Season for Inbox Cleaning


That is the number of sale emails I have received since Thanksgiving. Whew!

Wait... gross.

I feel like this when deleting holiday spam...


I always have a love / hate relationship this time of year with holiday marketing. Yet, i've been in the industry for over 15 years so I know it's coming. This year felt extra crazy and not in a good way. I hear a lot of rumblings from people on how they hate the aggressiveness of holiday marketing. Yet, 45 million people went shopping on Thanksgiving. The deal still wins. 

I get it. I would never begrudge anyone on finding a great deal so I say shop, be merry, spend what you can and enjoy the experience of it. That is the point, giving the gift. Just know that the crazy won't go away until we shoppers change it. 

Personally, I shopped online and local. Supporting the small business and artisan with Small Business Saturday exclusives and a few handmade purchases. Back to basics. Nothing extravagant, with a focus this year on spending time with people instead of in line (thank you Cyber Monday!).

It's refocused retail, and making a more thoughtful purchase. x