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Grunge 2.0

For Fall Fashion 2012, Grunge is back. 

I wore Grunge the first time around and I truly loved the look. It was perfect for my voyage into art school as my boyfriend's jeans came expertly splattered with paint already. I had been shopping thrift stores for a few years at that point, but the ease of this "look" on my college wallet was just another bonus. 

Rooney Mara, CFDA Awards 2011 / Kristen McMenamy, Vogue 1993

Rooney Mara, CFDA Awards 2011 / Kristen McMenamy, Vogue 1993

I think I may be just as excited for Grunge 2.0 as I was the first time around. This time I won't be wearing the same items I did before... isn't that some fashion rule or something? No, instead I get to be creative with how I wear "grown-up grunge" and/or successfully rocking the trend instead of looking like the mom from Mean Girls.

I'll leave the Doc Maarten's, torn denim and cut-off jean shorts for the new gen. I'll be looking forward to seeing how creative I can be with Zara, Marc Jacobs, ASOS and my Brooklyn vintage finds. 

I'm pinning my nostalgic love for all things 90's and grungy on Pinterest.

Now, time to stream Reality Bites and Clerks on Netflicks.