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Summer Eats

I love to eat. I love to try new delicacies I have never had before. I love to taste foods that are not the norm and truly take me out of my culinary comfort zone. I love a great dinning experience with friends that lasts for hours and becomes an event. A meal so fantastic that you never forget the ingredients and dutifully have each course captured on your phone. I love the creativity and artistry of food, from local simplicity to fine-dining.

I can't cook. I store my pans in my oven. I have pledged to learn. Does that count?

If I can't become a kitchen wizard myself, I certainly can utilize the best of the NYC food scene and the abundance of talent that comes from being able to eat here. I have my go-to's and favorites, and I am always looking for something new. I am lucky that a dear friend is a chef too, she has taught me so much about flavors and the craft of creating something delicious.

Spending more doesn't always mean better, and I approach eating in NYC, and on my travels, as an equal opportunity customer. Street food, local and regional are amazing ways to discover something new you love. (I whole-hardily subscribe to the Bizarre Foods and Anthony Bourdain approach to food experiences.)


I'll keep sharing my tasty adventures but wanted to stop and highlight a few of my recent favorite eats. The above images are a small collection of some of my favorite NYC/Brooklyn meals from Spring/Summer 2012 and include (L to R):

- Luke's Lobster for a seriously tasty lobster roll
- Perla's Fois Gras Pancakes (impossible to describe how good these are!)
- Cafe Colette's "Colette Cocktail" 
- Oysters at Flatbush Farm
- Tombstone Sunday Night's cocktail at Perla
- Riverpark's amazingly delicious Buttermilk Pana Cotta by pasty chef Angie Lee
Cafe Colette's parmesan, egg, arugula and asparagus salad
- Kimbop from 32nd Street

Do you have a favorite restaurant in the NYC area or abroad? Let me know and... Bon appetite!

All photos by me, via Instagram. Taken with my iPhone.