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Stop And Smell The Roses

Happy Friday, and happy long holiday weekend as we (in America) get started on the Labor Day  holiday. This is the unofficial end of summer where we make our way to the beach, picnics, outdoor brunches and savor the last remnants of summer Friday bliss. Being a New Yorker in the fashion industry means time feels like it moves faster and rarely does one ever look back and reflect when magazines need pulls for the holidays. It's certainly a hurry up and go now way of life, leaving you wondering what even happened to summer let alone sitting back to savor it.

That's why I like to jump on my bike as often as I can and (literally) stop and smell the roses. While there are not many roses left on my routes, there are plenty of gorgeous end-of-summer flowers and foliage around Battery Park City, the West Side Bike Trail, Central Park and The Highline. Anyone who tells you there isn't much "nature" in Manhattan needs to look closer.


The nice thing about getting out of your car and walking or biking is that you notice all the details and even in these last breaths of summertime, nature herself is still giving us all plenty to stop and enjoy.

Happy Holiday Weekend. xo

All photos by me, via Instagram. Taken with my iPhone.