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Photography Discoveries

Photography has always been a passion. I take photos every day in some form and New York City provides the perfect playground. Looking at photos is a daily habit and I am always on the lookout for something or someone new in photography to discover. 

Here are a few of the websites I have been looking at a lot recently for inspiration, some new and some old but all of them continue to insprie me:

Time LightBox
I look forward to my Friday inbox updates since I know at some point i'll get the new LightBox newsletter. Every time it's top notch.

Chris Arnade Photography
I have been following Chris' work for about 6 months now. Chris' work may be controversial for some and too much for others, but I believe it's beyond important and a collection of real people whose stories might help someone else.

Flak Photo
I recently found Flak Photo and I am so excited at what Andy Adams is doing. I have found so many new and fantastic photographers. I am always on the look-out for their photo-of-the-day for instant inspiration.

Here are a few more new & old:

If you want to follow my own iPhone photo adventures, visit my tumblr here or here for instagram.