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New Amsterdam Market

On a gorgeous sunny Sunday in late summer/early fall, with cool temps and a light breeze making for perfect strolling, I headed off for under the FDR by the South Street Seaport to The New Amsterdam Market.

Public markets in this area (Peck Slip) have been around since the 1600's and now there are efforts to transform the area through new public markets. Read more about the history and new efforts to revitalize this area with a focus on sustainability here.

As I got close to the market I ran into a pre-market of sorts, or vendors set up across the street from the market. I am not sure if these area's are separate or not but there were some delightful options that stopped my progression. I strolled past Dutch pancakes and I made a note to come back, an Italian vendor that I know my mom would love and that I plan to come back and try, there was wood fired pizza and fresh oysters... so many already! I made my way across Water Street, and because my sweet tooth has uncanny radar, my first stop was the pie stand.  

Savory pies, and sweet pies on a stick caught my attention and the presentation was fun. Two pies on a stick could not be overlooked, strawberry and apple, and they came home with me. As I strolled, there were multiple options for bread making it hard to choose, anything from baguettes to organic loaves. I settled on focaccia with fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic and sea salt.

New Amsterdam Market, New York City

New Amsterdam Market, New York City

I recently had my tooth fixed so apples are still out for me, and while they looked great, I went for the grapes from the Finger Lakes Region. I sampled a few and bought some amazingly sweet concord grapes that are in-season this time of year. Each season brings its bounty and I have learned to re-appreciate the fact that not everything is "in" season all year despite the fact that you can get it if you want it. Buying local makes you appreciate what is available now and what you look forward to next year.

There was a selection of wine, soda, cider and of course, coffee. Animals were not left out with beef jerky from Brooklyn, fresh meats from Upstate NY and fresh fish from Gabe the Fish Babe. Her name is enough to make you stop, once your there you realize she only sells to the public at NAMNY, otherwise she is exclusively selling to the best chefs and food purveyors in NYC. Everyone was really friendly and excited to talk about their product, learning about what you eat from the people who actually make it with pride and love and is a special thing you're just not finding at the big shiny grocery store

After I picked up my goods, took pics and enjoyed the scene I walked back across the street to get some of those mini Dutch pancakes, or proffertjes, which I haven't had in a few years. They remind me so much of the beauty of Holland and how special it is there. I took my mini pancakes over to the new elevated park and sat by the water to enjoy my treat.

Truly a wonderful Sunday afternoon in Lower Manhattan learning more about this historical area, eating great food and supporting local businesses and individuals who are making/growing their wares with hard work and pride. Give the New Amsterdam Market a try if you're in lower Manhattan on a Sunday. Visit their website here for a list of weekly vendors and events.

All images by ladykdesigns via Instagram.